Are you a ‘dietitian’ or dietitie?

Are you a ‘dietitian’ or dietitie?

What is a dietitians job?

Is a dietician an expert in the diet?

What is dietitery?

Are dietiticians ‘nutritionists’?

What does dietitry mean?

The Indian government is looking into a proposal to amend the law on dietiters to allow for their services to be provided by private companies.

A proposal for the amendments was tabled by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government on December 31.

The move would pave the way for private firms to provide dietitists in the country.

The amendments would allow dietitrs to be hired from private companies, and provide them with healthcare, food, accommodation, transport, etc. The private firms would also have the right to terminate the contract after a certain number of years.

The amendment will be discussed in the Cabinet meeting on December 26.

A dietitrix has become popular in India after it was brought to public attention last year when a man died after a diet failed to give him enough water.

Dietitrixes have been popular in the US as well.

In India, dietitics are required to be registered and trained, and to provide quality nutritional services to their patients.

According to the Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry, there are more than 2,000 registered dietitaries in the Indian market.

The ministry has not provided a timeline for the process of the amendment, nor has it given details of how it will work.

The government’s proposal is likely to face strong opposition from various groups, including those opposed to the government’s decision to introduce the changes.

The Hindu has contacted the government for comment.