What you need to know about the new dietitians’ dietitious diet

What you need to know about the new dietitians’ dietitious diet

A new Canadian dietitium has launched with a focus on keeping healthy food choices on the menu and encouraging consumers to embrace healthy eating in a new way.

The Canadian Dietitium is a collaboration between a number of food and nutrition specialists and nutrition educators and has already been successful in promoting healthy eating and supporting families and individuals in their quest to live healthier lives.

The new Canadian Dietet is a four-week online course, offering a range of food topics and the latest research and evidence-based tips and recipes.

The course was created to help nutrition professionals and students navigate the health and wellness issues faced by the food and food products industries, said Dietitian Josette Levy, executive director of the Canadian Dietetic Association.

“We’re excited to see the Canadian dietetic profession move forward to offer this valuable resource to our students,” Levy said.

The first course in the new curriculum, entitled Nutrition for a Healthy Future, is currently being offered in Toronto and will be available to members and non-members at the end of September.

The courses are available for free on the dietities website and the Dietitians College of Nutrition, a private, four-year, non-profit organization in Vancouver, has been accepting applications since February.

In addition to providing an educational toolkit, the course also aims to educate health professionals, consumers and other interested parties on food choices and nutrition.

“This is a great opportunity for Canadians to learn more about healthy eating, healthy living, and how they can take part in this great movement,” said Dietetic Society of Canada president, David Burditt.

“By learning about how healthy eating is done, we can improve our lives and make healthier choices that will help ensure a better quality of life for everyone,” he added.

The second course, Nutrition for Your Family, will be offered in the fall and focuses on the role that food has to play in families’ well-being.

This first course was launched in November 2016 and has been widely acclaimed, said Levy.

“People have been using the word ‘eat healthy’ for years and we wanted to create a toolkit that would give them the tools to better understand what healthy eating actually means,” she said.

“And this is something we are thrilled to bring to the public, because it’s such a powerful concept.”

While the first two courses are free, Levy said she hopes the third and fourth courses will become available for subscription as well as through the Dietetics College of Medicine, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Levy said the curriculum is a collaborative effort among the Dieteticists, Dietities, Faculty of Health Sciences and the Department of Public Health.

“The aim of this course is to help students understand and implement what it means to eat healthy, while also supporting their careers and families,” she added.

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