Boston Marathon bombing victims’ families say they are relieved to be able to move to Massachusetts

Boston Marathon bombing victims’ families say they are relieved to be able to move to Massachusetts

By MATTHEW PEARCE and KATHLEEN KARENSON Boston Marathon bombings victims’ family members have been reunited with their loved ones at a Massachusetts hospital, after two of the victims were taken there overnight.

“My sister was in surgery for two days, my husband was in a coma for three days, so my family was just very, very thankful that the doctors got us out,” said Mary Ann Gee, whose sister Tessa was killed on Saturday.

“We’ve just been so relieved to see my mom and dad again,” Gee added.

“It’s a miracle,” said another family member, Mary Ann and Frank Gee.

“The first couple of days, they were trying to put him in a wheelchair, and now they’re moving us to the hospital.”

The family said they hope to be reunited with the others soon.

“Hopefully I’ll be able do a little bit of talking to my mom in a couple of hours,” Mary Ann said.

Massachusetts Gov.

Charlie Baker said he and the Governor’s office were in touch with the families.

“We want to make sure that they are getting the care they need and that we are providing the support that they need, and we’re working hard to make that happen,” Baker said.

“I know it’s been very traumatic for the families, and I know the medical staff has been devastated as well.”

The families of the marathon bombing victims were reunited with family members at the hospital in Boston on Sunday.

The two victims were admitted to the same hospital, and doctors there treated them for injuries sustained during the bombings, Massachusetts Gov.

Gina Raimondo said.

The other victims were in intensive care in Boston, but were expected to be released soon.

The state is looking at whether there is a need to bring the victims to other hospitals to be treated, and officials have said they are working with local hospitals to determine the best location.

The U.S. is working with the international community to help the families and victims.

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