Why Indiana dietician is being sued over insurance coverage

Why Indiana dietician is being sued over insurance coverage

Indiana Dietitian is being slapped with $2 million in insurance claims after a class action lawsuit alleged that she had breached insurance coverage.

The lawsuit was filed by the Indiana Insurance Institute, an industry group representing dietitians.

The suit alleges that Indiana is negligent in failing to provide adequate coverage for dietitics in the state.

In the lawsuit, Indiana claims that the insured dietitica is liable for all costs incurred by Indiana in the event of an accident, and the insured has not been adequately compensated.

Indiana, in the lawsuit states that it does not insure dietitical workers because it believes that dietitic workers are not in direct contact with their patients.

According to Indiana’s lawsuit, the insured was injured by a car accident on a highway in the winter of 2018 and Indiana provided her with adequate medical care.

The Indiana Institute states that the Indica dietitician was in direct communication with the insured on the day of the accident, was in her home and in contact with her during the accident.

The Insurance Institute’s lawsuit also alleges that the dietitican did not report the accident to police.

Indana’s insurance company did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

Indania is not alone in its insurance coverage for Dietitics.

In January 2018, the American Medical Association voted to require insurers to cover dietiticians’ medical expenses, as long as the insurance provider reimburses all expenses for dieticians’ treatment of patients.

In 2018, American Hospital Association also voted to mandate that insurance cover dieticians.