Why I never eat a hamburger again

Why I never eat a hamburger again

I’ve been to a lot of burgers lately.

I’ve even tried one of those.

In fact, I’ve eaten three of them.

The first was an iced-up burger at an Italian restaurant, a sandwich that comes in a white bun and has a soft, soft, caramelized onion.

It’s a classic that I’ve made at least once a week for years.

But I’ve never had one this good before.

It was the best of my life.

The second was an ice-cream at an Italian ice cream shop.

The ice cream was so good, I had to order another.

The third was an order of pizza.

And I didn’t eat one of them, even though I was craving pizza.

I’m still on a mission to find a restaurant that will serve me one of these burgers.

The burger isn’t just a meal to be shared with friends, but a meal that you can make with your family or friends.

It tastes amazing and has the texture of a steak.

I was thrilled to find one of the few burger joints that was willing to offer a hamburgers for my birthday.

After my birthday, I’ll order another one.

But this time, I’m going to be sure to order the best burger ever.

It’ll be the only one.