What you need to know about the new season of The Walking Dead: The Walking Death, Season 6

What you need to know about the new season of The Walking Dead: The Walking Death, Season 6

By Lauren Taylor / November 10, 2018 5:54pm PST The Walking Down Dead season 6 has just kicked off and fans are already in full production mode.

This is the third season for AMC’s zombie drama and its debut episode has set the bar high for the season to come.

“The first three weeks of the season were all about seeing how the zombie pandemic would unfold and how the show would get people through,” executive producer Gale Anne Hurd told the BBC.

“It was great to see the show get through and we’re really looking forward to getting people through those last weeks of filming.”

With more than a month to go before the show returns for its third season, there’s still plenty to do before we get to the actual episode titles.

Here are some things you need know about The Walking Damnation, season 6.


It’s a season 7.

The Walking West will be heading into its sixth season, and the series is continuing to explore the zombie apocalypse with a series of upcoming episodes.

While this means we won’t be seeing the zombies again for the next six weeks, that’s not stopping us from finding out what’s next for the show.

“There’s a lot of questions we want to answer, and we’ve got a lot more to answer,” Hurd said.

“This season has a lot to offer, but I want to do it in a way that is accessible for fans of the show.”


The new season will include some big reveals.

Season 6 had a few hints about the show’s next arc, but it’s going to kick off with a big reveal.

“I want to tell a story that has a strong moral compass and a strong sense of purpose, and I want people to be in that space and be involved in that story,” Huff said.

The first season saw Rick, Michonne and the rest of the group stumble into a zombie infestation.

“What I want fans to understand is that the Walking Dead is an incredibly human story, and you’re not just fighting against zombies, you’re fighting against human beings who are trying to do the right thing,” Hutter explained.

“So I think that the characters and the setting will serve as a kind of a mirror for what’s going on in our world, and they’re going to have to be very clear about what’s good and bad and right and wrong.”


The show’s cast is really, really good.

Season six had a lot going for it, but Hurd says it’s a very different kind of show to what viewers have come to expect.

“We are bringing to the table a whole cast that we know will be terrific,” Hust said.

She added that this season is going to be a lot darker and a lot deeper.

“In terms of the characters, it’s like a lot different than Season 1,” she said.

“[Season 6] was a lot about, ‘Okay, we’re gonna be a bunch of idiots.

We’re gonna try to do some good and do some bad.

Now, we’ve had to really step into that reality and find the right kind of people to really be in charge of our world.'”


The season will be split into two parts.

Season 7 has a much shorter running time than previous seasons, but fans have been able to catch up on the first six episodes.

“Part of the reason we do this is because we don’t want people just binge-watch,” Hucker said.

Hurd is adamant that viewers will not be forced to binge-view the first episode of season 6, but she did say that it’s okay to do so.

“When you’re watching that first episode, it doesn’t mean you have to watch the whole episode,” she explained.

And if you’re a fan of the series who is already on the fence, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

Season 1 of The WG: Walking Dead Season 6 will air on AMC on October 26, 2019.