Which foods are good for your weight?

Which foods are good for your weight?

By now, you’ve probably heard that red meat is bad for you.

And you’re probably not alone.

Red meat consumption is linked to an increased risk of death and obesity, according to the National Institutes of Health.

But are there any foods that are actually good for you?

Here are the five best.1.

Beef (or veal, or lamb)2.

Lamb chops3.


Pork belly5.


Fish (including salmon, sardines, and mackerel)1.

Pork liver6.

Cheddar cheese1.

Sausage and mushrooms2.

Turkey and other meats (including liver and kidneys)3.

Chicken, breast, and other parts of thigh4.

White meat5.

Beef, pork, or chicken6.

Lamb or lamb chops7.


Fish liver and kidney9.

Pork shoulder10.

Goat, goat, or sheep (or sheeps or other animals)1: Beef liver2: Pork belly3: Cabbage, kidney, or liver4: Lamb, thigh5: Turkey6: Fish (other than salmon, salmon, or mackerell)7: Salmon8: Sausages and mushrooms9: Turkey10: Sheep or goats (or other animals that are not sheep)1 of 6 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × What is the National Cancer Institute?

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