‘Becky Dorner is a monster’: Dana White on Dorner

‘Becky Dorner is a monster’: Dana White on Dorner

Dana White told Fox News on Monday that he and his wife are “sick of” Becky Dorning, the former LAPD officer who has been fired for a brutal assault on a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy and a shooting of a sheriff’s wife in 2013.

White told Bill Hemmer on The O’Reilly Factor that Dorner “is a monster” and that he is “stuck with her.”

White said that his wife is “a very strong woman” and she has “never said anything to me that I think was inappropriate.”

“I’ve never seen her behave in a way that I’ve ever seen her act,” White said.

“She’s very strong and she’s very intelligent.

She is not a person that people can just lash out at and lash out and say she is.”

“Becky has never, ever, ever said anything inappropriate to me.

She has never shown me any inappropriate behavior, never.”

White, who described Dorner as “a crazy person” and said he is not “one of us,” also dismissed suggestions that Dorning has ever been an abuser.

“I have never had any relationship with her, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been abusive,” White told Hemmer.

“If I had had a relationship with that person, she wouldn’t be the person she is today.”

White has also been critical of former FBI Director James Comey.

“James Comey is a serial liar, he is a racist, he has no credibility,” he told Fox.

“He is just a serial, reckless liar.

And I don’t think that’s what we want in our country.”