How a dietitians job in Oregon became a lucrative career

How a dietitians job in Oregon became a lucrative career

A dietitious doctor in Oregon is one of several Oregonians who made millions as part of a lucrative job, a new report has found.

Melanie Levy, who works as a dietician at the University of Oregon, earned $1.3 million from the Oregon Health Plan last year, according to the report released Monday.

She earned about $700,000 from the program in her first year.

Her salary is based on a career path that includes a master’s degree in nutrition and a bachelor’s degree, the report said.

Levy also had experience working in the food services industry.

Her pay is about twice what it would have been if she had stayed in the private sector.

She did not return requests for comment from Recode.

Her employer is the Oregon Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition to her salary, Levy has health insurance, retirement benefits, and a 401(k) plan, the agency said.

Her health care job has a “high turnover rate,” according to an employee report.

Levys health insurance will be taken care of by the Oregon State Employees’ Retirement System.