Finding a Dietitian Las Vegas

Finding a Dietitian Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Dietitians Association says it’s finding a dietician for its Las Vegas office, which is closed and not renewing its contracts with a number of other local employers.

The association announced Wednesday it had hired Kristi C. Lohman, a former executive director of the Las Vegas Department of Health Services.

The Las Vegas Dental Association has been looking for a dietetic assistant for several months and has received a $1,000 offer, the association said.

Dental salaried employees can also apply for an assistant, which pays between $17 and $27 an hour.

Lohman’s resume is available online, and the Las Vega Valley Association of Dietitarians has also started an online search.

The organization said it will make a decision on an assistant’s suitability by July.

It does not have a minimum salary requirement for a new assistant.

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