Dietitian: ‘I have a hard time giving up’ on sugar

Dietitian: ‘I have a hard time giving up’ on sugar

The dietitians are all over it.

One of them, a woman in her late 40s who asked that her name not be used because she is pregnant, is the only one who has not given up.

She’s not an expert on sugar and her only source of advice is her husband, a retired pediatrician in Georgia.

“I’m still eating it,” she says, with a laugh.

I’ve given up on sugar.

Her husband says he has lost weight.

She doesn’t want to know.

My husband is not a doctor.

I don’t want him to know what I’m going through.

If she’s going to have a baby, I want her to have an easy time, she says.

When she gave birth, her husband was worried about the baby.

But he was relieved.

I didn’t want the baby to suffer, he said.

He told me that I needed to take a vitamin, and I did.

It was the first time I’d taken a vitamin.

I’m not the only person.

One thing she does not want is the word sugar out there.

A dietitist from Massachusetts tells her that it’s not good to make the claim.

It’s not the sugar, she insists.

They’ve been through so much. But I don´t think she’s ever really given up sugar, and she doesn’t feel like she’s done much to change.

This isn’t about sugar.

I am not an activist.

I want to see what happens in my state.

I think it’s good to talk about what happens, but I don`t know if I can really be a spokesperson, she adds.

As she talks, her stomach is twitching.

So do I. No, she tells me.

Not that I have.

I haven’t really thought about it much.

I just know that I’m tired.

Maybe I should have done this a few years ago.

I should’ve gone to the doctor.

Maybe I could have gotten the baby into the world a little earlier.

At the same time, I am very grateful for all of my friends who have given up and I am grateful to the people who are working to make things better.

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