How to get a job in India?

How to get a job in India?

This is the best article of advice I’ve ever read on how to find a job here in India.

The gist is that India has many great job opportunities and you should apply for them all. 

The article is written by an associate professor of economics at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi and has been translated by IANS, as The Hindu India. 

He is the author of the best-selling book Diet and the Rise of Health in India, which has been widely hailed as the bible of Indian job search strategies. 

To get an idea of how a job search can work in India you can check out the following three tips. 


Paying for an interview: In India, an applicant’s salary is just a couple of thousand rupees per month.

If you are applying for an entry level job, you will need to pay for the first interview at least three months in advance. 


Apply early: You will need a job application to apply for a position at the start of your internship.

It is important to be in a position to fill the position in the first month, which is around the time when the salary will be announced. 


Don’t waste time: Your first few interviews will be with very short-term appointments.

The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get an interview, especially if you have an international background. 

For the best results, apply in your early twenties and take the time to complete your internship at the earliest. 

In India, you should not waste time applying for interviews. 

You should apply as early as possible to get the most work done. 

“There is a lot of job opportunities for people with very little education, who have a lot in common with the average Indian,” said P.V. Narasimha Rao, head of the department of international education at IIT Delhi, to The Hindu.

“If you have the right attitude and the right qualifications, you can get jobs in India.” 

In addition to job search tips, the author also provided tips on getting a visa in India to enter the country. 

IITs job vacancy rates are low, according to the Indian Express, but they can increase as the government works to increase the number of Indian-educated graduates. 

According to The Times of India, India’s job vacancy rate in March 2016 was 4.5 per cent, the highest in the world.

In India it has increased to 8.1 per cent. 

But, if you do not have the correct skills, you may have a tough time getting a job. 

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Image source 3 A woman in a nursing home is searching for a new job, but her salary has been frozen for more than two years. 

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