A-list star Joanna Lumley and her mom have an unexpected child

A-list star Joanna Lumley and her mom have an unexpected child

With her family’s name as the title of the upcoming movie The Big Sick, Joanna is heading into a whole new era of parenting.

Joanna, who starred in The Big Slap, has also announced she’s pregnant.

She told Entertainment Weekly, “My husband and I are excited to have a child and the birth of a child is definitely the next step in our family.”

Joanna said she’s excited for her new child and wants to be ready for a long life.

She said, “It’s such an exciting time, it’s a dream come true and I am thrilled to be able to share it with my son.”

Joana and her husband, Brian Lumley, recently made news for posting a video to Instagram in which they were sharing a family photo from their son’s birth, which was taken in Mexico.

It’s a shot that’s been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

Joanne and Brian’s son, Sam, is 5 years old and is currently staying with his uncle, a former Mexican police officer.

In the video, Brian was shown on a video camera filming the birth while his niece, Joanne, was also there.

The Lumleys also have a son, Samuel, who is 10 months old and currently staying at the family’s house.

The video has garnered nearly 2 million views.

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