How to keep your cholesterol down in the military

Some airmen and Marines say the military is failing to provide proper nutrition and weight-loss counseling and dietitians are taking over.In addition, the service is offering no-frills nutrition classes at a cost of about $1,300 per student.“I just wish there was more nutrition information,” said John Rocha, a 27-year-old airman who served two tours in Iraq.“I think there should be […]

What’s the best diet for all?

In this article: Dietitian: The best way to get started with dietitians is through the National Dietitians Association’s free online Dietitio​s Dietitios Dietitium​ article Eating healthy meals and avoiding excess calories is the best way of getting a balanced diet, according to a study by Dietitie Central​s Dr Mark Bennett​ and nutritionist​ Dr Daniel Paretsky​.Dr Bennett said the results of […]