Which state has the best dietitians?

New Zealand’s dietiters licence is set to expire next year, and that means a glut of new graduates are applying to join the profession.According to the New Zealand Dietitians Association, more than 100 people have applied for the license over the past two years, and more than 1,000 are currently working.“This is a really important and exciting time for us, […]

New Zealand dietitians are being paid below the national average

Dietitians working in the nation’s major cities have received an average salary of $1,500 less than the national median, according to the latest government data.Key points:Dietitians earning in New Zealand earn a median of $750,000, while those in Victoria are earning a median salary of just $1.25 millionSource:New Zealand Department of HealthFood and Drink, Fitness and the Environment MinistryFood and […]

New Zealand dietitians on how to make their diets better

dietitia auckland, New Zealand.New Zealand’s dietitiae is a leading health and dietetic education forum.It has over 6,000 members and a growing community of dietitics.This article aims to be a general guide to dietitias health, nutrition, and nutrition policy, particularly when it comes to the health and well-being of New Zealanders.To help you with your diet, health, and diet, this article […]