Dietitian: ‘I just think it’s a really bad idea to feed our children’

Crop circle dietitians in the UK say that their fieldwork has shown a “crisis of confidence” among young people in their profession.In the latest episode of the documentary ‘Food for Thought’, dietitarian scottingdale, author of ‘The Food Revolution’, is joined by food journalist and film maker David Hart to discuss their experiences working in the field and the impact of […]

How to Become a Dietitian in the Next Decade

Nutritionist Katherine Steely White, the daughter of Dr. Joseph White, will be a major addition to the nutritionist ranks in 2020.In her first few years of working, she has become the face of a growing number of dietitians and is working with clients like Beyonc√© and Lady Gaga.¬†What do you think about Katherine Stabley White?Let us know in the comments […]