Dietitian job posting: Dietitians with specialty in sugar-free foods

Dietitists with specialty expertise in sugar, refined sugar, low-sugar, sweeteners and beverages can become a leading expert on the nutritional value of these products.They can help your company and industry thrive.Here are the jobs available at the following industries: Health care The position of a nutritionist with expertise in sugars and sweeteners in health care centers.The position is responsible for […]

Why the Food Babe is a Fraud

Food Babe, a popular YouTube star and activist, is a fake.She claims to be a dietitians assistant who helps people who are on diets and has been known to speak to children about nutrition, but no one in her position would ever actually be able to do anything.She is a fraud, said the founder of, an online forum dedicated […]

Dietitian job website to hire from the UK

New job opportunities are on the way for dietitians across the US.The website announced Tuesday that it has hired a dietitarian for a position in the office in New York.The news comes as the company said it has added 200 jobs in New Jersey in the past month.The company said that the job is expected to be filled within […]