New Zealand dietitians are being paid below the national average

Dietitians working in the nation’s major cities have received an average salary of $1,500 less than the national median, according to the latest government data.Key points:Dietitians earning in New Zealand earn a median of $750,000, while those in Victoria are earning a median salary of just $1.25 millionSource:New Zealand Department of HealthFood and Drink, Fitness and the Environment MinistryFood and […]

Indian students have been told to skip lunch, work out on weekends

AUSTRALIA’S DIETITIAN MAY HAVE a problem with her students working out at home.The Government has been trying to encourage the countrys dietetic professionals to reduce the number of meal plans they require students to sign.The Australian Government and the Commonwealth have both issued guidance to help schools and students to make the changes, but they have not been met with […]

How to Become a Dietitian in the Next Decade

Nutritionist Katherine Steely White, the daughter of Dr. Joseph White, will be a major addition to the nutritionist ranks in 2020.In her first few years of working, she has become the face of a growing number of dietitians and is working with clients like Beyonc√© and Lady Gaga.¬†What do you think about Katherine Stabley White?Let us know in the comments […]