How to use the Nutritionist License for Rheumatology Practice

Rheumatic diseases are often treatable, but it takes time to get a personalized diet and medication regimen that works best for you.This is where the Nutritionists License comes in.This license allows you to practice Rheumatism by obtaining a medical license, and a registered dietitians license is required.It also requires you to meet certain requirements.Before you can practice RHEUMATRISCENE, you must:Apply […]

How a dietitians job in Oregon became a lucrative career

A dietitious doctor in Oregon is one of several Oregonians who made millions as part of a lucrative job, a new report has found.Melanie Levy, who works as a dietician at the University of Oregon, earned $1.3 million from the Oregon Health Plan last year, according to the report released Monday.She earned about $700,000 from the program in her first […]