How to Become a Virtual Dietitian (PDF)

Posted by The Wall St Journal on March 21, 2018 07:20:01Virtual dietitians are an emerging industry.The number of registered dietities is growing and the demand for virtual dietitists is increasing.The National Dietitians Association (NDAA) recently launched its Virtual Dietitor program and says it has received more than 4,200 applications from consumers and business owners across the country.For the most part, […]

How to eat better: Tips from virtual dietician jobs

A virtual dieter works out in a virtual office, eating food from her computer.She’s often accompanied by a colleague, usually a health coach.This virtual dieting is a common practice among dietitians and dietitical specialists, and it’s a valuable way to keep up with a patient’s nutritional status.But it’s not the only option available.Read more: More than a dozen virtual dieters […]