The top 10 most overrated food blogs in the US

CricInfo title What’s the best place to eat in Houston?article Houstonians are getting ready to celebrate their city’s first major citywide celebration of all things Mexican.The Mexican Festival of Fiesta is scheduled for Oct. 27, and Houston is one of the big draws.But is it the right place to celebrate the city’s Mexican culture?The festival is held at the Mexican […]

What’s in the Nutritional Value of Dairy?

In general, dairy is a good source of protein and calcium, along with some other nutrients that people may want to add to their diet.However, some people may find that certain dairy products may have a slightly higher or lower amount of certain nutrients.For example, milk and milk products may contain more vitamins and minerals than other dairy products.A person […]

How much do you earn in the U.S.?

When you consider the average salary for a nutritionist is $62,800, you would think that this job was the perfect job for a healthy, active person.Unfortunately, that is not the case.The average salary is only $22,500 and the average nutritionist makes $33,000 a year.It’s worth noting that if you work in the food service industry, you are likely to make […]

Celebrity chef californians take a break from eating to watch the NBA Finals

California’s state government is looking to the NBA for help with its food crisis.On Wednesday, the Department of Food and Agriculture released its “Canned Market Inventory of Cali Produce” (CMA).The inventory includes canned food items, meats, and dairy products.The government hopes the CMA will help alleviate the shortage in California’s markets.The CMA was created after the state’s Food and Drug […]

The NFL’s latest dietitians: New study finds ‘lack of willpower’

A new study has found that athletes and coaches lack “strong willpower” to control themselves.In the study, published in the Journal of Sport Sciences, researchers surveyed more than 600 college football players, basketball players, track and field athletes and weight lifters, as well as professional soccer players.“We have shown that athletes do not have strong willpower to control their eating […]